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Family of Light Band

Family of Light Band is a psychedelic group formed in downtown Riverside and Hemet, California. The family’s current line up consists of singer/song writer Omar "Chato" Medina, Myles Wong, Victor Ballesteros, Raul Valdivia, and Kolt Acevedo. Family of Light Band came into the Southern California neo-psychedelic underground scene like the illegitimate love child of early Santana and The Zombies. The group's work is lined with pulsating Latin percussion, alluring vocal harmonies, and flute/ saxophone solos. On each record can be heard a shining modern take on classic psychedelia.

The band was founded by Medina after moving to Riverside county from Compton, Ca. At the Family’s very first show is where Medina met future core member and writing contributor Myles Wong in the audience. Soon after, Medina recruited past member James Cooper to complete the roster and the vision. This line up would go on to tour constantly and play festivals nationwide. 

The name “Family of light band” was created due to multiple ethnic backgrounds and diverse walks in life among the members. The goal of this project is to achieve unity and feel the presence of a genuine family whether that’s being on stage or in the audience. 

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