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02/09/24 - Sundog Sessions 001 - Dying Suns [LIVE]

02/01/24 - The Groovy Nobody - Solarium [UPDATE]

To all of you lovely folks who purchased a bundle or copy of The Groovy Nobody's new record, Solarium, then we have some good news for you.... THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!! Not only do they look and sound absolutely stunning but we'll be shipping them out as they get packed!! Thank you for your continued patience and support during this process. 


12/01/23 - Thank you for a beautiful 2023!

Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2023, it was our most successful year yet. We have so much love and appreciation for the bands that we work with, the facilities who help us cut records, print shirts, and all of you who continue to support us as we evolve each year. It means the world to us being that this label is run by two people, a full time teacher and a full time store manager, out of a studio apartment. So we appreciate your patience and your kindness as we navigate these new waters with y'all. 

We'll be going into hibernation until sometime in the new year, by then the Solarium records should arrive, and we'll come back stronger and better than ever. Thank you again for all of the love thus far, let's keep this fun train rolling!

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