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Space Equator

Space Equator is the project of Brendan Fillingham, Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. His music frequently journeys through the lens of psychedelic pop, at times bending and challenging the conventions of maximalist synth, bass driven pallets, and kraut rock genres. 
 As a live band, the music takes on what can be described as a reimagining of the solo recordings, going the route of progressive rock and jazz fusion, with the help of musical friends Sam Chown (Shmu), Lionel (Vinyl) Williams, Richard Theisan (Mt.Ossa), Christian Peters (Deep Fields), and Anton Hocheim (Always you, Beach Fossils). These collaborators are also on the self titled album in some shape or form. 
 Obscure Sound's Mike Mineo describes Space Equators music as "a collage of deeply submerged synths, tonally familiar to early Washed Out.", although previous bedroom recordings have proven this statement true, his latest self titled album attempts to escape the confines of bedroom pop into the realm of an orchestrated and organic hybrid between his previous synth and hip hop influenced R&B music. 
 As a lifelong vocalist and lyricist, the latest delivery is one of sub conscious harmonic poetry, coming to terms with self reinvention in the age of quarantine. Often compared to artists like Tame Impala, Toro Y Moi, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Brendan tries to avoid the pitfalls of emulation, and keep the excitement of an original sound that is unmistakably his own.

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